What to expect from a private TRE® session

The first part of a typical TRE® session is devoted to a short debrief based on the intake form that you complete before your session. We enquire into your default stress responses and any physical limitations or medical conditions that you are dealing with. We then briefly look at the theory behind the tremoring process & human stress physiology. The theory is explained in a very clear and straightforward way that can be easily understood and assimilated. By understanding our stress physiology, it becomes much easier to successfully manage & negotiate our way out of our sometimes tricky stress responses.

The second part of the session consists of actually doing the 7 TRE® exercises, which are completed in a specific sequence. The exercises are designed to stretch and tire the stress muscles so that a natural tremoring process can be easily activated. The first six exercises are completed standing up and the last exercise takes place lying on the floor on a yoga mat. Individualized instruction is given to ensure that the TRE® student can confidently do the exercises & manage the tremoring process on a fully independent basis.

TRE® (Trauma Releasing Exercises) is not talk therapy. Instead focused awareness of bodily sensations engages the client’s innate self-regulation and healing and allows time & space for highly aroused survival energies to be gradually & safely discharged from the body. The TRE® provider makes sure that the client only integrates bite-sized portions of their material so that there is no overwhelm experienced in the nervous system. The client gradually learns how to do this important self-regulation for themselves.

Further Information

What should I bring to a session?

  • A thick yoga or camping map as you will be lying on the floor during part of the session (up to 30 minutes).

  • If needed a small cushion or pillow so that you are comfortable lying down.

  • If needed a light blanket for warmth & comfort while you tremor or during rest periods.

  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing (skirts or dresses are not suitable).

  • Bring a pen and notebook if you would like to take notes.

  • Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during & after the session.

How I Work

As a TRE® provider I have undertaken the Global Certification Training Program (GCTP) offered by Dr David Bercelli’s Trauma Recovery Services. This involved undertaking training in both Europe and the USA.

I teach TRE® on a one-to-one basis as an introductory course that consists of 3 training sessions. The three sessions take place over three consecutive weeks. Having completed these three sessions clients will be able to independently & safely use TRE® on an ongoing basis as a stress regulation tool. TRE® is easily learned and can be integrated into your personal routine to help restore a sense of inner resilience and balance.

Learning Objectives of TRE® Introductory Course

  • Learn about what TRE® is, how it developed and its many benefits.

  • Have a better understanding of human stress physiology and how TRE® helps us to release stress and the residual energy trapped in the body due to overwhelming events.

  • Clients will learn how to activate neurogenic tremors in a controlled manner which helps to release deep muscular tension from the body. They will learn how to do the TRE® exercises safely and accurately taking into account any physical limitations that affect their range of movement.

  • By the end of the course, client will be well-versed in the important topic of self-regulation

TRE® Foundation – Establishing a Home Practice – 150€

The cost for the 3-part introductory course is a total of 150€. In three 90 minute sessions I will teach you the basics of stress physiology & how to safely perform the TRE® method. We will look at tailoring your practice for your specific application, whether it be stress reduction, specific trauma release, anxiety reduction, improved sleep regulation etc. Participants will also receive a high quality workbook that collates all the information covered in the course including detailed instruction on how to do the exercises. Between sessions clients can contact me by phone to answer any questions around practice.

Your TRE® sessions can either be in person at my home office (20 minutes from Dingle) – or we will meet via Skype. In person is the preferred method, but Skype is also very effective.

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How can I book a session?

If you’re interested in learning TRE® please contact me to book your introductory course or to ask any questions about the process. You will be asked to fill in an intake form before your initial session and to complete your 3 introductory sessions over 3 consecutive weeks if possible.