What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Meditation is a method to cultivate peace of mind by clearly seeing the way things are. Through observing the experience of the five senses and the mind/heart we develop the potential to experience each moment, no matter how difficult, with greater compassion and understanding.

Through basic meditation techniques it is possible to cultivate a quiet mind, develop emotional stability, understand the feelings of others just as our own and release the constraints we place on our own happiness. Instead of being caught in stress and pain, we learn to understand the causes of our difficulties and respond to them more skillfully.

It is a process of learning to really be ‘here’ in the present, fully alive with all the possibilities that life has to offer. The key is to learn to see and feel clearly without running away or holding on. There is a purifying force or freedom that comes from letting go of old patterns of behavior that often run through generations.

Mindfulness is not something new, special or esoteric, but about ‘presence’ and opening to what is true. There is a beauty and depth of life that comes from learning to BE FULLY HERE for our life’s gradual unfolding.

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Consider doing an 8 week MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Course either in a group setting or one-on-one over Skype.

In-Person MBSR Courses

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Sanctuary of Being:

Sanctuary, both outer and inner can be found in the deep awareness of things… as they are, without resistance to the present moment. This is the sanctuary of being. Mindfulness is the doorway… we can open the door, we can gaze out, or we can tentatively step through… it is up to us where we go and who we are to become, until there is no separation to life and deep awakening from the dreams that bind us.

Timothy Sweeney