There are three ‘Heart of Mindfulness’ practice CDs, which are used to support formal meditation practice during the 8 week MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course. These 3 CDs can also be used as stand-alone resources to relieve stress and enhance the daily practice of Mindfulness. Simply put the CD on and follow the clear step by step guidelines.

Think of these meditation practices as a time of non-doing. A period set aside just for being with yourself. A personal time for healing and awakening. Used on a regular basis (daily listening is encouraged), these CDs can lead to deep and restorative levels of relaxation and concentration and a deep intuitive awareness of the mind and body. While listening to the CDs, it is important to stay alert yet relaxed. Be open to whatever arises – whether pleasant or unpleasant – without judgment. Let go of expectations that the experience will or must be a particular way. Just let things unfold without effort.

How to Order

Individual CDs cost €10. Three CDs can be bought as a bundle for €25. These costs include postage. Please send a cheque to: Heart of Mindfulness CDs, Glenahoe, Castlegregory, Kerry and indicate which CDs you would like to purchase. Cheques made payable to Timothy Sweeney.

Guided Meditation – Body Scan

The Body Scan meditation CD is of 45 minutes duration. It is a practice for developing a close and intimate understanding of our mind/body process. It is particularly effective meditation technique for strengthening concentration, improving attention and relaxing the breath. Moving awareness to various parts of the body, the CD helps to release muscular tension and to quiet the mind. To gain the most benefit it is best to practice in a quiet, undisturbed place. Listen, relax and give yourself the time to be fully present.

Guided Meditation – Sitting Meditation

Guided Sitting Meditation is a support for deepening and expanding intuitive awareness. Moment-to-moment mindful attention helps to develop insight and compassion into the nature of our unfolding experience. It provides us with the opportunity to see and feel the body, the mind, and the emotions. With steady practice we can see our states of mind and their relationship to each other more intimately. This awareness brings clarity to our understanding and relationship with all life, allowing us to let go of that which is unhelpful and embrace our experience with more joy and compassion.

Guided Meditation – Mindful Movement

This CD combines simple body movements with deep relaxation. If used on a regular basis it can help us develop a closer understanding of our Mind/Body process. While the emphasis of this CD is on awareness practice, it can also help to strengthen the body, loosen tight muscles and release long held tension.

We also recommend the series of guided meditations by Jon Kabat Zinn.
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